How To Care For Your Stone

Stone Care For Natural Stones

Natural Imperfections

Marble, granite, limestone, travertine, onyx and quartzite are natural materials and therefore have natural variations occurring from slab to slab including colour shades and crystal formations. Fissures (like small cracks) and pitting may also be present throughout these stones. Fractures and cracking may occur to material upon manufacturing due to material fragility. These will be repaired to our best ability. There is no replacement or warranty against any of these natural imperfections.


We recommend that these types of natural stones are sealed. Sealing is a separate Trade to Stone Masonry. We recommend:

  • Callum Lawson Marble and Stone Restoration 0412 729 648
  • The Marble Man 1800 627 626


We recommend cleaning your Stone regularly with warm soapy water. The cleaning agent can be any neutral colour solution or normal dishwashing liquid. Do not use your usual dishwashing cloth as it is usually full of oils from your dishes. Designate a separate cloth or paper towels for wiping your bench tops otherwise you will spread the oils all over your bench. For best results we recommend using Windex Clear. It is non-streaky and makes stone gleam. Any solutions with colour may stain i.e. Windex Blue. For extremely stubborn marks use acetone (clear nail polish remover is okay to use as well).

Fats and Oils

Fats and oils are both natural enemies to Stone. If left on the bench for any prolonged period, ie. one hour or more, you run the risk of a permanent dark stain where it was sitting. Please be aware that hot oils around the rim of pots will absorb quickly into Stone. In this case use your cutting board to rest it on.

Citrus Acid

Pineapple, oranges, lemons, etc. can be harmful to your Stone. If left on the bench for prolonged periods of time you can run the risk of etching - taking the polish off the surface where it was sitting or leaving a faint stain under the surface. Red wine, beetroot, curries, carrots etc. may also stain.


Our tests have shown that spirits (eg. rum, bourbon) and wine, if left on bench for a prolonged period may leave a dark stain and may cause etching. This includes ring marks from glasses of alcoholic drinks. Please be aware of this when entertaining or drinking and clean up as you go.

Heat Resistance

Granite is heat resistant but not burn resistant. With pots off the stove or oven onto granite our tests have shown that some Stones will crystallize or stress fracture (Thermal Shock) with this extreme and quick heat change. With this we recommend you use a timber board to take the initial heat out of the pot before resting on the bench. Marble is not heat resistant and you will take the polish of the surface if you put hot items directly onto it. A burnt whitish mark may be left on your Stone.

Strength and Durability

Your bench tops, although being stone and quite strong, are not seats, step ladders or trestles. Do not stand on your bench top. Excessive weight around sink or hotplate cut out areas could run the risk of cracking or breaking your stone.

Natural stones are not scratch resistant. Marble is considerably softer material and will mark and scratch a lot easier than granite. General use of your granite bench tops will not scratch your Stone, but abrasive products; diamonds from jewellery, steel wool, keys, and studs on the bottom of bags etc. will mark and scratch. It is a common misconception that you cannot cut directly on your granite bench top because you will damage the surface. This is untrue. The surface is so hard that it will blunt your knives leaving a flat spot on them. Aluminium products if struck hard across the surface may also mark it but we can remove these marks. We recommend you use a cutting board to protect your knives.

Stone Care For Engineered Stones


Quartz stones are designed to require minimum maintenance throughout the life of the product. Simple washing with clean, warm soapy water and drying with soft clean cloth will keep your bench tops in pristine condition. Stains that are stubborn may be gently cleaned with a cream cleanser and a soft wet cloth - DO NOT USE A SCOURER as this may scratch your tops.

Quartz products do not need sealing or waxing.


Quartz stones have a low moisture absorption which provides resistance to staining. However, Red Wine, Beetroot, Curries, Carrots, Tea, Coffee etc. may stain if left for a period of time, particularly on lighter bench tops. There is No Warranty against Staining.

Citrus acid from any fruit - pineapples, oranges, lemons etc. may be harmful to your stone if left on your bench tops for prolonged periods. This may run the risk of etching, ie. taking the polish off, the surface where it was sitting, or leaving a faint stain under the surface.

Avoid exposure to Oven Cleaners, Paint Strippers, Paint Removers and any other harsh chemicals on your bench tops as these may also etch into your stone.

Please be aware of these products and clean up as you go.

Strength and Durability

Quartz stone, although being quite strong, is not a Seat, Step ladder or Trestle. Excessive weight around your sink or hotplate cut-out areas could run the risk of cracking or breaking your stone.

Do Not Stand On Your Bench Tops!

Quartz can mark and scratch. General use of your Quartz bench tops will not scratch your stone, but abrasive products, abrasive pads, diamonds from jewellery, keys, studs on the bottom of your handbags and school bags, steel wool, tooling steel and knives may all mark or scratch. We also recommend you use a chopping board for cutting. There is NO WARRANTEE against damage from scratching and marking so please take care of your quartz tops.

Heat Resistance

We do not recommend placing hot items directly onto any stone top. Although Quartz is highly resistant to heat and heating, excessive localized heat may result in damage due to "Thermal Shock" causing stress fractures or cracks. Electric Frying Pans, Crock Pots, Rice Cookers, Toasters etc. should all be placed on trivets or chopping blocks i.e. Timber Boards.


Unlike natural stone (Granite/Marble) achieving an even polish post production on Engineered/Reconstituted stone is quite challenging, however there are experts in the field that may be able to help you if required. We recommend:

  • Callum Lawson Marble and Stone Restoration 0412 729 648
  • The Marble Man 1800 627 626

Quartz products are all man-made therefore they occasionally have imperfections occurring. All due care will be taken when selecting and manufacturing but there is NO Warranty against these imperfections.